The articles in this news archive contain information about what's going on with Destalis and the author's other works.

Draft 5 In Progress - 09/09/14 3:05 am

In early 2014, I began rewriting Destalis and have now finished the first quarter of draft 5. This version is much more streamlined. The story gets going sooner, is less verbose, and moves along much more quickly. We're not in the head of Lyana (formerly Lynn) as often, and events unfold a bit differently. Now that BC9 has been published, I'm excited to get back to Destalis.

Destalis Draft 4 Complete - 05/15/09 12:58 am

I've completed draft 4 of the manuscript from beginning to end. I'm still in the process of making the edits recommended by my writing groups, but the final version of the story is more or less complete.

New Blog - 05/15/09 12:57 am

I've added a blog to the site. From time to time, I'll use it to post random musing on Destalis, my other works, and other sci-fi & writing topics.

Destalis Draft 4 Book 1 Complete - 03/30/09 2:55 am

I've completed all major revisions to the first part of draft 4 of Destalis (chapters 1-21). Essentially, the new version of the novel is half complete, and it's much closer to its final, publishable form.

Destalis Draft 4 - 02/19/09 1:34 am

After careful consideration, I've decided to overhaul the plot of Destalis once again. The events of the story aren't changing significantly. Rather, I'm giving it a new framework that deals more heavily with the religious beliefs of each world. I've just begun Draft 4 and have rewritten the synopsis accordingly. Unfortunately, this delays any publishing efforts.

Destalis Chapters 9-12 Revised - 01/15/09 12:44 am

I've finished editing chapters 9-12 of draft 3 of Destalis. Enjoy!

Destalis Chapters 5-8 Revised - 11/17/08 3:38 am

I've finished revising chapters 5-8 of Destalis. Members can find them under the draft 3 tab on the Chapters page.

Destalis Chapters 1-4 Revised - 11/03/08 6:59 am

I've finished revising the first 4 chapters of Destalis. Members can find them under the draft 3 tab on the Chapters page.

Feedback Functionality Added - 10/13/08 6:59 am

I have created functionality that gives members the ability to post feedback for a given chapter. So, please let me know what you think after you read!

New Site Launched - 09/12/08 6:30 am

Phase 1 of the new website is finally complete. It's my hope that it looks much more professional than the old one and provides the reader with a better overall experience.

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