LYANA is a displaced orphan who obsesses over her missing childhood, memories that her surrogate mother, NANRI KOMILA, wiped in order to protect her. Lyana's jarring, dream-like experiences compel her to undertake an interplanetary quest to rediscover her past and reunite with her long-lost brother.

Throughout her perilous journey, Lyana must avoid capture by LUTAR ZERRADIN, the cunning Prince of the Vasari Empire that conquered her home world of Destalis. She must unveil the true intentions of the mysterious ZAIA, an ancient cybernetic woman who is manipulating Lyana--along with the rest of the galaxy--like a marionette. And Lyana must choose whether to accept her role as a legendary savior resurrected from the dead.

Only by embracing fate can Lyana liberate Destalis and unlock the mystery of the ethereal realm known as Empyrean. But delving too deep into the fundamental workings of existence may cause the very fabric of the space-time to unravel, beginning with the force of gravity.

Destalis created and written by Greg Spry. Copyright © 1991-2024. All rights reserved.