About Destalis

Destalis is a science fiction novel with fantasy overtones that I began working on in January of 2004. It's a philosophical epic set in a different galaxy more than 10,000 years in the future.

My writing tends to contain aspects of space opera, a sub-genre of science fiction. All my stories are introspective, fast-paced, both character and event driven, and set against the backdrop of grandiose events.

If I've managed to adequately convey in writing what exists in my head, my writing should come across as smart, engaging storytelling to which a wide audience can relate. It often seems to me that science fiction is not as highly regarded or viewed in the same light as those Academy Award-winning tales set in the past or modern day. My goal is to bring that kind of reverence to the genre.

Read the Synopses to learn about the novel itself.

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