I began outlining Destalis in early 2004. I took the original plot & characters from Crystalia and molded them into a much more cohesive story.

Between January 2005 and June 2008, I wrote the first complete draft of the manuscript (draft 2, 274,00 words).

The years 2008-2009 resulted in drafts 3 and 4 (192,000 words). During that timespan, two different critique groups read the story in its entirety.

In 2009, I still felt Destalis hadn't yet reached the heights to which I aspired, so I set the novel on the shelf adn focused on Beyond Cloud Nine.

As of 2014, I've rewritten the first quarter of Destalis, but I'm still working on refining the overall project. In many ways, Destalis has become my Magnus Opus.

Destalis created and written by Greg Spry. Copyright © 1991-2022. All rights reserved.